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The RoMANtic - A nationally syndicated column to bring romance back into your relationship. Believe it or not this is written by a man and it's great! It is updated twice a month.

Learn CPR - Find out how to perform CPR and what to do in case of choking. Has instructions for infants, children and adults.

What every Parent should Know - Get the facts on dangers affecting today's youth from the parenting experts at Boys Town. Whether you are a mom or dad looking for assurance or struggling to keep your kids free from trouble, this free guide puts proven solutions at your fingertips.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month - Read the Presidents Proclomation

The Greatest Potty Training Trick in the World - Easy trick that Works!

Twenty Toys you Don't Have to Buy - Fed up with forking out for the latest piece of over-hyped plastic? Answer "What can we do now Mum?" by making toys from items you will already have around the house.

Safe Online Shopping - Read this article to know how to protect yourself and what to look for before buying online.

Children and Vegetable Gardening - This is a really great article on letting your children share in the fun of gardening!

Natural Healthcare for Houseplants - Ok this isn't a parenting article but hey sometimes taking care of our houseplants is more trouble than taking care of the kids!

Flea Prevention - Here are great suggestions for preventing fleas on your pets. Most are natural and inexpensive! - parent freebies!

A Child CAN Make A Difference - A great article how children all over the world are doing their part to change the world.

New eBook: Baby Tips for New Parents. - This 40-page book offers wonderful advice on everything from preparing for your baby's arrival to safety and feeding tips, family finances, adjusting to your new role as a parent and more. It is available FREE for you to give to your website visitors, newsletter subscribers or as a bonus to hand out when they make a purchase. Download it here:

How to Make Homemade Diapering Supplies - save money and pamper your baby at the same time.

Using an old sheet - teach your child numbers and letters. Fun ideas for children of all ages.

Learn to tame the Diaper Rash Monster

The Birth Plan - One of the most important, yet overlooked aspect of pregnancy planning. Written by Jennifer Rosenburg. Also contains links to a dozen other articles by this author pertaining to childbirth, pregnancy, breast feeding and parenting values.

Mommy's Place - Over 200 FREE legitimate work-at-home jobsites, companies, and resources for SAHMs.

I posted an article stating that the comet cursor was spy ware and upon further investigation I found it wasn't. It is just a semi-invasive marketing tool. For the new scoop on this your can read the following articles. One of which lists some software you DO need to be aware of. I have still had reports from people who get the cursor that it has been causing havoc with their machines, so to be on the safe side I would remove it from your machine. Here are your links: The Mystery of Comet Cursor: by David Coursey and Who's Watching You Surf?: by Michael J. Miller

National Help Hotline Listing - National Numbers for organizations which help children and adults.