Fun With Crafts!

If anyone would like to submit crafts to this section please e-mail us. We will include bio in exchange for giving us permission to reprint. These crafts will pop up in a new window for easy printing. Just close the window to return here.

Homemade Crafts for Kids

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Homemade Crafts for Mom and Dad

Bath Salts

The Enchanted Playhouse! - Click on image on the left. It is a great fantasy picture. We built a cardboard playhouse and put our children's names on it & taped it to the front of the house we built them. Our 8 month old & 4 year old both love it. It has provided them hours of fun & it didn't cost us a penny! Just cut different size holes in sides & tops of boxes, tape (We used clear packing tape) them together & you are done. We made it like a tunnel maze with windows. Use your imagination. Include the older children in this project.

Fairy Furniture - Make this 2Cool miniture furniture from twigs, leaves and flowers from your garden. Preschool Paper Crafts - For younger hands, gives us fourteen "economical, age-appropriate paper projects for two to five year olds." All projects include detailed instructions, and many include printable templates for cutting or coloring. But don't stop at the preschool paper projects. is chock full of pages and pages of craft ideas for kids of all ages.

Crafts & Fun at - They have hundreds of crafts, recipies and more for kids. It is just fantastic!