Website For Sale or Partnership Work Equity

I built this website as a hobby in 2001. I had plans to do much more with it, but then I started writing and selling my murder mystery games and that business really took off for me. I love this site, but I have not had the time available to grow it. The potential of is great. A person or team of persons with marketing and web design skills could realize this potential. All the content and maury county resources are in place. This includes an easily updated community calendar. What you would need is someone to contact local businesses and sell advertising and then design and integrate that advertising. Everything else is here. This is what I had in mind for the site, but I never got past the web building phase. I did do extensive web marketing to also get it into the search engines. is listed in most search engines with high ratings, it is listed in & Yahoo.

Someone with marketing skills could easily grow this site into a very comfortable income. I am asking $2,000 for the site. This includes the domain name, all content and graphics plus 1 year of free web site hosting!

It took me almost a year to build the site, programming scripts for the site & submitting it to search engines. You won't find a better deal than this. My Dinner and a Murder site is just so big now that I finally realized I will never have the time to do anything with so it is time for someone else to pick up where I left off with it. Just all the search engine placement alone is worth more than I am asking. As anyone who has tried to get a new web site into the search engines can attest. It takes time and a lot of work to get there and it is in this time that so many new sites fail. This site has the content and it has the rankings. This is all you need to sell the advertising! Here are some statistics on the rankings in the top search engines for the search term maury county tennessee:

Google - #6
MSN - #3
Yahoo - #3

We are also listed in thousands of other search engines, plus we are listed in a LOT of directories including the extremely popular and yahoo county listings.

For someone that does not have $2000, but does have the marketing and design experience I would be willing to discuss a partnership instead of a purchase.

Only serious inquiries please.

Call 931-987-0229 for more information.