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This is a safe children's site. Please report any inappropriate language or behavior you may encounter on the internet to your parents. NEVER give out any personal information about yourself. (Real name, age, address, passwords) Surf Safe and Have Fun!

Maury County Space Cadet Center - see all the links we have for fun, informative information on space and our galaxies. Space Camp, Observatories and more!

Games Galore & More Cool Fun - Follow this link to our New and Much Improved Fun & Games Page. We have hundreds of games you can play online. It also has lots of cool things to do.

Fun Pages - projects to do with your parents if younger or to try yourself if older

Surfnet Calendar Of Events - Get monthly listing of special days and links to pages about them!

Funology.com Daily Fun

Little Dragons Castle
I just can't say enough about this site. Become a Knight or Lady in training.

Cinderella / Prince
This site has tons of fantastic graphics of unicorns, fairies and more. Coloring pages, paper dolls, sand art. You can also adopt graphics from here.

Fun Links For Kids
All sites have been approved as kid safe. Please e-mail us to report any bad links.

Mythical, Magical Creatures - Printable drawings to color. Unicorn, gnome, fairy, genie, dragon, gargoyle...

How To Draw for Kids eBook - Learn how to draw a duck, teddy bear, frog, dinosaur, dog, bird, rabbit, and a turtle. Download this Free sample e-book.

Printable Autographed Muppet Pictures

200 plus Ideas For Great Summertime Kids Fun - See this great list and make your own.

This is a really cool Hobbit Name Generator. Type in your name and find out what your Hobbit name is!

ASPCA's Animaland - sponsored in part by the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund, teaches children about companion animals and endangered species. The site is fun and educational. Children can play games, send postcards, read about careers with animals, watch cartoon about pet care, and submit their questions to a macaw named Azula. Great fun for kids 4-12.

Barney Online - Free Printable calendar, birthday card, activities and much more!

Yahooligans is the ultimate web guide for children of all ages.

The Museum of Unnatural Mystery - Are there really flying saucers? What killed the dinosaurs? Is there something ancient and alive in Loch Ness? This Museum takes a scientific look at these, and other, questions.

Write101.com - Contains over 200 pages of articles on writing and is a valuable resource for students.

2CoolBaby's Interactive Stories start a story, add to one. Get together with friends and write a story online.

Adventure Learning Foundation - Online learning expeditions take students and teachers on virtual journeys around the globe. Provides lesson plans and activities while promoting a greater understanding of different cultures.

Handspeak - Why learn sign language? "You can sign with your mouth full." "You can talk and talk as much as you like in a library." "You can be sure that nobody can overhear through doors." "Sign language is beautiful, unique and graceful." In addition to covering various aspects of Deaf Culture (including stories, artwork, and history), Handspeak has a dictionary of sign language words illustrated with animated photos.

Internet4Kids - A safe place for kids who want to create web pages, check out other kids' web pages, learn about HTML, JavaScript and other Internet topics. Has a Kids Club, a Parents' & Teachers' section, a frequently updated list of Cool Sites for Kids, Web Tips from Waldo the Web Wizard, and jokes and games. Based on the popular Internet For Kids book series."

Online Stories - Find just about any classical tale you are looking for. This includes fables, fairy tales & complete works for young readers. Stories include illustrations and notes about the author. Great for homework projects or just good reading.

Maury-County Crafts - Lots of homemade craft recipes for kids. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, slime, flubber and more.

Look at all the fun stuff you can do here at Tukids! *Get Software! *Color Online! *Play Online Games! *Make Crafts! *Read Jokes! and more!

Get a FREE Planet Protector Kit! It includes:-Two pocket guides (one for adults and one for children) and an order form -An official membership certificate -An official Planet Protectors Club badge -Activity guides for grades K-3 and 4-6 -A Planet Protectors Club poster -A board game about recycling -Great adventures on the Web!

Bookadventure.com - Book Adventure is a FREE, reading incentive program dedicated to encouraging kids in grades K-8 to read. Read books and win great prizes!

Kindness Coupons for Kids - This is a great idea for kids to give coupons to perform an act of kindness. Kids can print out the great coupons that will tell you they are volunteering to pull weeds in the garden, mow the grass, or perhaps do the dishes. Just click on Kindess Coupons at the bottom of the right hand box!

Wizard School - Lots of great magical crafts, screensavers, projects and so much more at KidsDomain!

DiscoverySchool - Wonderful! Puzzles, mazes, A-Z homework help, fascinating facts.

Scribbles: Kids Art Site - This is an art site for children, they can do a monthly art project and learn about art. They have a contest and showcase their artwork and there is an interactive coloring book they can try. They also have a chance to win art supplies by trying some of the art activities.

Crayola - The name says it all. Lots of fun for children.

MyParentTime - If you are looking for games this is it. Tons of fun online games you just won't want to miss!

Magic Of Math - If you like math, you'll love this site.

KidVista - A comprehensive digital learning resource library and information portal. Art, Science, Music, Social Studies, Kids Pages

Free Worksheets - Over 5,000 worksheets to print up for free! The worksheets will help your in every subject area. There are sheets on Math, Reading, Phonics, Writing, Social Studies, Thinking Skills, Science and Geography. New worksheets are added regularly. You can also generate your own. Fun Time Activities.

Horizon Solutions for Kids - This is an environmentally friendly site that has discussions, contests, learning about the environment and more.

Recycle City - A great place to learn about recycling - has games, activities, graphics and more!

EcologyFund - This is a really good site for kids that care about mother earth. They have contests, games, activities and information on how you can help.

Hot Wheels - They have games where you design your own track. Join the brithday club to receive a free car and birthday card on your birthday!

A Jokes Site for Kids - All sorts of jokes and humour for kids and all the family - just for kids like you

Great search engine for kids - type in games and see the oodles of links that come up.

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